Guy Gives Girl His Number, Immediately Gets Trolled With Hannibal Lecter Quotes

It’s tough enough to get the courage to approach a girl but it’s even worse when after you think you’ve succeeded in exchanging phone numbers, the girl begins to troll you with nothing but quotes from Silence of the Lambs. More specifically, dialogue from the creepy Hannibal Lecter.

Imgur user Lucy2shoes was apparently being “bothered” by a guy and decided to give him her number just so he would leave her alone. Little did the guy know he just met a psychopath…played by Anthony Hopkins.

My favorite part is even after the image of Lecter was sent, he still didn’t get it. Oh, people.

Next time you see a girl in public fellas, just remember that she probably just doesn’t want to be bothered. It’ll save yourself some time in the long run. Dating sites are cheaper than going to the bar afterall.