Girl Scouts Attacked By Cookie Thieves And Fight Back

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us once again and people are doing whatever they can to get their hands on those addictive treats including stealing them. Normally, that would just be a tasteless joke but this time, it’s actually a reality. The amazing part is that the Girl Scouts that got robbed actually fought back and not only got their cookies back but they also helped police catch the thieves.

“What are you in jail for?” – “I got my ass handed to me by a pair of Girl Scouts.”

Police in Anne Arundel, Maryland arrested Gabriel Taylor Smith and an unidentified associate in connection with the cookie theft. Two Girl Scouts aged 12 and 13 were selling cookies door to door and hauling them along in a wagon when Smith snatched the wagon away from them and started running towards his getaway car. One of the Scouts chased down the cookie thief, grabbed the wagon and wouldn’t let go of it. Smith eventually gave up, jumped in the van and both men fled the scene. A neighbor heard the commotion and called the police while chasing down the van in their own car. Both men were arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft and they should consider themselves lucky, because if they were in Texas, they probably would be eligible for the death penalty. 

Girl Scouts: adorable cookie salesmen or the next generation of bounty hunters? You decide. 

We’re assuming that they didn’t talk much about their crime while they were in jail because if you can’t fight off a couple of Girl Scouts, then you’re not going to have much luck with the hairy, 6-foot 5-inch biker who wants to make you his personal “Thin Mint.”