Girl Scout Sets Up Cookie Stand Outside Marijuana Dispensary

Every college student who somehow managed to stay awake in their 7 a.m. economics class knows the concept of supply and demand. If you can find out what people you want, you give to them and you’ll make money. A very enterprising Girl Scout in San Francisco, California figured out that stoners want cookies so she up a cookie stand in a very strategic place. 

Girl Scout Danielle Lei has set up her cookie stand in front of a medical marijuana dispensary called the Green Cross and business is booming. It sounds like the setup to a joke about stoners but here’s the punchline. She sold an insane amount of boxes. During the first day alone, she sold 206 boxes and so far, she’s gotten orders for 560 boxes in just four days. Mark my words. One day, this kid will run Goldman-Sachs. 

This means she’s only 440 boxes shy of her goal of selling 1,000 boxes during the Girl Scout cookie season. During last year’s Girl Scout Cookie sale of 2014 she also made headlines with her genius selling location.Girl Scouts chapters in other states like Colorado actually have bans on letting their scouts sell cookies near marijuana dispensaries and we’re not sure of the logic. If it sells more cookies and brings in more money for a worthy cause like the Girl Scouts, why not let them do it? It’s not hurting the girl scouts unless there’s a rogue stoner roaming the streets and blowing bong hits in random people’s faces.