Girl Beats Cop With Rock Paper Scissors To Avoid Underage Drinking Arrest

Getting arrested for underage drinking is no walk in the park. There’s fines, community service and most importantly, having your entire day of fun ruined with not only embarassment, but having to tell your parents what happened. Long story short, your life becomes a living hell. Luckily for this girl at the annual Chilifest cook off at Texas A&M, the cops decided to offer her a deal. A friendly game of rock paper scissors. If she wins, she won’t go to jail for underage drinking. If she loses, well, then her summer is going to really, really suck.


With none of that “two out of three” nonsense, it came down to one game. Poised and ready with the traditional “1…2…3…” the girl throws down a rock. The cop, at the same time, throws down scissors. Incredibly enough, the girl won. AND THE CROWD LOSES THEIR MINDS. Of course someone else recorded the incredible moment and posted online in gif form.

Screw the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup or the World cup. Beating a cop at rock paper scissors to get out of an arrest is probably the greatest win anyone could ever achieve. Good work.

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Source: Total Frat