Girl Mouths Off Like She’s A Badass Until Woman She’s Dissing Shoots Her

The invention of Facebook Live has blessed us with many things, none of which I can list right now except for this video because the list is actually incredibly short and I was lying when I said “many.” Really all it’s done is allow us newsfeed lurkers to see how genuinely dumb people can get in the hopes of going viral, and in this case it worked: not only was the unnamed girl in this video mouthing off to someone with a gun, but she went and got shot for it.

“I’m not worried about that gun, what you gon do with it?” Um, shoot you – duh. What did you think it was for, clipping coupons? Churning butter? It’s like To be fair though, I’d probably say the same thing because what are the chances she ACTUALLY shoots me in broad daylight while I’m recording on my phone and got her face in the video? Yes the girl who mouthed off is an idiot, but let’s not forget to also call the chick with the gun a moron for giving the prosecution all the evidence they need for trial.

According to LiveLeak, the video was recorded in Chicago and while the actual shooting isn’t visible, “police confirmed the authenticity of the footage and investigators are now trying to track down the alleged shooter.” No one is currently in custody, however the victim was transported to Stroger Hospital in stable condition.