This Girl Made Her Boyfriend Take A Beyonce Quiz To See If They Should Break Up

The world can’t get enough Beyonce. But one girl in particular is such a huge fan of the singer, she forced her boyfriend to take an exam to test his knowledge on her favorite pop star. Hard to tell if the fact that the exam looked professionally made, like something you’d receive in college, makes her even crazier or just well prepared.

Here are some closeups of the exam so we can all get a better idea of what we’re dealing with here.

The first page looks like he got the first question right asking him to name three Beyonce songs. Psssh, anyone can do that. But the worst part is the quiz is more about the girl’s preference than actual Beyonce facts. It’s like The Wedding Game, only built for one.

What makes it even worse is the super fan sort of derails the quiz and starts asking questions about her favorite rappers and if “Harry Styles should cut his hair”.

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But did he pass? With an 80%. Oh good, they get to stay together. Nothing like a loving relationship where the other person loves something clearly way more than you.

Now he can finally spend more time with her just so she can do this:

And this:

And this:

Good luck, sir. You poor, poor bastard.

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source: Metro