Girl Gives Gift Of Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend

Some people use Christmas as a chance to give their significant other a ring. And some people use a Christmas gift as a chance to show their former love that they know they are cheating. Twitter user @NessLovnTrey247 AKA Casey took the latter approach positing this message with photos depicting the moment her now ex-boyfriend opened his Christmas “gift.”

Damn; don’t cheat on Casey! She discovered salacious direct messages her man had sent to another woman on Twitter and printed them out, wrapped them up like a present and watched as he unwrapped it thinking it was a real gift. Boom. See the pics below.


Seems like she had fun with it; most people would have just yelled and screamed at him. Even Scrooge and The Grinch were like damn girl! Can you blame her though?

Source: NY Mag

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