This Cubs Fan Was Caught Doing What Most Girls Do Before Taking A Selfie

Anybody can just a dumb ole selfie, but if you add cleavage into the mix, well then you’ll probably get a few more likes from all of your male fans you like to call facebook friends. But it’s what happens in the time that leads up to that important photo that is really the more interesting part in our selfie culture. One woman was not only caught on camera taking a selfie and adjusting the “girls” in the process, but was televised throughout the country because she was at a Chicago Cubs game and the camera crew just couldn’t help themselves. Curious why she was even at a baseball game to begin with leaving such little time to be dedicated to photographing your cleavage.

After taking what looks like one photo, the woman stops down to make sure her jersey is pulled down further than science would allow because, well how could she not! The best part is the friend is up for just taking a nice photo, waiting for the “photoshoot” to be over.

One Cubs fan tried diving into the photo which was quickly stopped by the selfie-takers left hand, and rightfully so. Nothing ruins perfect selfie cleavage than some red-faced drunk dude with his tongue out. Nice try, fella.

As for the girl, well, nice try too. You’ve just proven what we’ve assumed for so long.

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