Girl At University Of Miami Game Slaps Cop, Gets OHKO’d In Response

College is the only four years of your life where you can get away with nearly anything that’s only questionably illegal. Make a bunch of kids butt-chug Mountain Dew while singing “Achy Breaky Heart” in a frat house basement? Kosher. Threaten to cunt punt upwards of 100 people for being fucking boners? Go wild. As long as no one is bleeding internally or externally, that drunk and disorderly you got for calling the officer trying to breathalyze you a “Fat wad of fuck juice” will eventually get expunged and forgotten as time continues.

Unless it’s on video – in that case the Internet never forgets.

Enter: hammered lady at a U Miami game who got knocked out after slapping a police officer. To her credit, she should’ve been cuffed and led out of the game, not hoisted up like a stripper “little person” at a birthday party – but aside from that, she did smack him in the head. What else would you expect to happen from hitting a cop?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.