Fake “Ginger Discount Card” Has Actually Saved This Ginger Man A Lot Of Money

UK man Richard Macrae (30) was given a fake discount card on his birthday four years ago. The card was just another joke made by his friends about Macrae’s hair pigment, a punchline he has never lived down. But now, Macrae is having the last laugh with his gag gift.

People have always given me stick for my hair colour, but now I’m going out three nights a week and saving a fortune,” Macrae said. “The joke’s on them.”

Since receiving the card, Macrae has saved over $300 in random expenses. So far, the card has worked at bars, restaurants, and movie theaters. Even cab drivers give Macrae a discount when the card comes out.

Even though most people aren’t gullible enough to think the card is real, they give him the discount anyway because they think the joke is hilarious.

I thought it was really funny and unique as I had never seen anyone try and use something like that before,” said a barmaid who saw the card. “I gave him 20 per cent food and drink discount as he was also in for food at the time. I decided it was all in good fun and he was a bit of a chancer.”

In Macrae’s case, being a ginger is finally paying off. So what type of discount card would you come up with for yourself?

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Source: MirrorUK