This “Gimp Man” Is Roaming The Streets Creepily Raising Money For Charity

Much like Batman and Spider-Man, there’s a hero in Essex, UK, dressing up in a tight costume to help those in need. Unlike them, this guy might be getting erections from it.

The Gimp Man of Essex has been walking around in head-to-toe bondage latex to raise money for charity. The story should conclude at this point with a “Thanks but no thanks” from said charity. But no. There’s more to learn about this shiny weirdo who’d like to “spark debate” by degrading himself for a worthy cause.

Known simply as “Gimp Man,” this anonymous husband and father told the BBC that he enjoys walking around in the outfit. While before he simply did it for jollies, he’s now donating £1 to a charity called Colchester Mind for every picture of him that is posted to his Facebook page. That’s way better than getting your nipples twisted.

“Some people make assumptions that I am a paedophile or a pervert, and think I must be into some horrible things,” said a very observant Gimp Man. “But people are a lot more open minded nowadays. And at the end of the day, you can walk along the beach and see a lot more than I’m exposing!”

I’d appreciate the address of that beach.

Despite his critics, Gimp Man is embracing all of the attention in the hopes that it will get people talking. So, show off hands. How many people would like a probably giggling fetishist in a bodysuit wandering through their neighborhood? None. Settled. Next debate: Wing Night or Taco Night? (H/T Gawker)