Gilbert Arenas Put Porn Star Mia Khalifa On Blast For Her Attempt At A DM Slide

Mia Khalifa may have quit her career as a porn star, but it appears that her side hustle of schmoozing with professional athletes is still in full swing. For the most part, Mia likes to front like she’s got players from all over the NBA, NFL and the MLB hitting her up for dates, or in the pathetic case of Wilson Contreras, “just saying hi.”


But in a wonderful turn of events, not only was Mia the one to attempt a DM sliiiiiide the other day, but she also got her rejection put on blast by the very guy she was trying to woo. Shockingly, it appears having giant boobs and having a penchant for ousting athletes’ booty calls aren’t things that Gilbert Arenas finds desirable in a hookup, or in this pathetic case, casual dinner conversation.


Damn girl – I would’ve quit after the 24-hour wait and double wine glass emoji. Credit to Mia for being persistent, but anyone who faces rejection regularly would’ve taken the hint by 2:00 p.m. on October 2nd.  

Mia, however, did not take it too well.

And yet Twitter was unrelenting in calling out her hypocrisy:

DAMN, no love for Mia. It’s okay though girl — there’s always Nelly dick to be had behind a Walmart.