God Is Real: Dude Finds GIGANTIC Funyun, The Only Funyun, In His Funyuns Bag

You can keep your crying Jesus statues and your bleeding Mother Marys. We know heaven is real because one man has proven this fact by discovering one gigantic Funyun in his Funyuns bag. Not only does this damn thing look like a dinosaur bone, but it was the ONLY Funyun in the bag which makes it all that much more breathtaking.

Take every miracle you’ve ever known and throw it in the river, people. THIS…is an act of God.

Jesus Christ, you could use that thing as a fucking crutch! Hell, you could use it as a fake leg if you had to!

Here’s another angle of this thing we’ll call a bone from the Funyunsaurus.

From the looks of it, this bastard was unearthed from a Subway, but it’s unclear where exactly (or rather which Subway) they found it. Of course why the hell would they tell the world where such magnificent finds exists when they could just keep it all for themselves! That’s like finding oil and running into town to tell everyone before you own the land.

Unfortunately the man we’ll call “The Chris Columbus of Gigantic Funyuns” said he had actually eaten the Funyun before realizing how rare of a piece it actually was. He did continue to say that it tasted great and ate it by placing it in his sub sandwich. What a hero.

The BEST part however was Subway felt the need to apologize to the customer for getting only one, albeit a massive Funyun, and actually gave him another bag for free!