Giants Winning The World Series Leads To Fans Destroying City, Because Sports

Can we make a new rule? Any city who wants to light fires, turn over cars and smash windows after winning any “world” championship (winning, not losing) will have their title immediately removed and given to the losing team.

Last night after the San Francisco Giants took home the big cheese World Series title, citizens of the city were so proud of their team, they decided to act like complete a**holes. Of course, this is nothing new in the world of sports. But c’mon, this is getting completely ridiculous. It’s hard to determine when the riots began, but really it doesn’t matter because it’s still just dumb equally in any time zone.

Also it’s probably worth noting two people ended up getting shot during San Fran’s big “celebration”. Thanks to Twitter, here’s a first hand look at the destruction caused by the joyous crowd.

Good job, Giants fans. We’re all so glad you won.

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source: Twitchy