Giant Minion Stops Traffic In Ireland

Imagine taking your daily commute to work and traffic is so backed up that you’ll be lucky if you get to work by the end of your shift. You’re working on your last nerve. The tiniest negative influence could set you off on a killing spree. Then you see the cause of the standstill: a giant, inflatable Minion- and everything is better.

That’s what happened to drivers north of Dublin, Ireland early Monday morning. A strong wind blew a giant, inflatable, yellow Minion on to a busy road that was being used to a local fair. The Minion didn’t cause any serious accidents but it did cause a bit of a traffic jam on the road and probably a hit at the local movie theater’s box office for “Minions.” The same thing would have happened to “Ant-Man” if a giant, inflatable Paul Rudd blocked the roadway. 

One driver saw the giant, inflatable Minion come loose and fly across the road as it slammed into the guard rail. Then again, maybe it wasn’t the wind. Maybe it was just drunk. After all, this did happen in Ireland. 

Source: UPI