Giant American Alligator Storms Florida Golf Course

For today’s enormously massive and terrifying creature story we go to Englewood, Florida where a couple of golfers, Bill Susie and Dick Huber were in for a shock on the 7th green at the Myakka Pines Golf Club. That’s because this behemoth of an alligator emerged from the water and onto the course to get a hole in one. And by hole in one I mean the hole that was blown threw these duffers shorts when they saw this gargantuan reptile.

What is this Jurassic Golf?  

Susie and Huber snapped some photos of the big guy. After the golf club posted a photo, things took off like an Alligatornado with the green monster being shared millions of times on social media. However some folks are questioning the authenticity of the gator pic. While an alligator in Florida isn’t exactly news, one that looks like a lost dinosaur is.

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The King Kong of alligators reportedly lives at the golf course, walking from pond to pond and even suns himself on the greens.

Well I think we all know one person who definitely won’t be playing a round at Myakka Pines anytime soon.

Ali-gators. Come on. Who needs them?

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Source: WPTV