The Ghostbusters Cast Including Bill Murray Reunited For Entertainment Weekly

This might be about as good as it gets, Ghostbusters fans. And personally I’m okay with that.

After news of Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids and The Heat took over as co-writer and director of the “new” Ghostbusters which apparently is not a continuation of the first two films, yet will be titled Ghostbusters 3 (go figure), fans have worried that we’ll just never see the remaining Ghostbuster leads in the same frame again. Luckily, the folks at Entertainment Weekly know exactly what for their newest annual reunion issue needed.

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It’s a little sad considering this moment happened only months after Ghostbusters co-star and co-writer Harold Ramis passed on, but hey, at least Bill Murray is there, which is a miracle in and of itself. I also dig the Ghostbuster uniform trenchcoats. Of course most people are already complaining about photoshop, which personally I’m not noticing, or care to notice. It’s a Ghostbusters reunion. Not a cure for Ebola.

The Today Show actually visited the photoshoot and interviewed not only Murray, Weaver and Hudson (it seems Aykroyd was added later on) but also Annie Potts and director of both films, Ivan Reitman which you can watch RIGHT HERE.

The issue also reunites the casts of The Fabulous Baker Boys, Sports Night and Mean Girls. Snooze, I know, I’m just telling you in case your sisters are interested as well, then they’ll just go buy the issue themselves which you can take later on.

Here’s the full cover in case I peaked your interested with the Mean Girls mention.

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The issue hits stands Friday. And as a Ghostbusters fan, I’m definitely buying one. And hugging it.

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