Enjoy This Cool Ghostbusters Infographic To Celebrate The 30th Anniversary!

Ghostbusters is officially 30 years old as of this month when it was originally released on June 7th, 1984.  And for the folks that have never seen Ghostbusters on the big screen, good news came out today that there will be a re-release of the film in theaters this August.  Pretty cool.  For the folks that have never seen Ghostbusters, well then you’re clearly a damn robot.

And to honor this anniversary, artist Mike Seiders did a cool retrospective infographic full of GB facts you may not have known regarding the Ghostbusters, and it’s sequel. Personally, I do enjoy Ghostbusters II, albeit the lesser of the two movies, but definitely wins in the soundtrack category.

Points to Mike for adding the filming location addresses because that’s some real nerdy stuff.   Enjoy!

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