The Internet Collectively Sh*t Themselves After Seeing This Woman’s Creepy Photo

We do love creepy photos but this particular image racked up over a million views on Imgur and we can see why…because it’s creepy as shit.

The image depicts a woman holding a camera, but it’s not what THAT woman saw, it’s what was apparently standing behind her that left internet detectives with dirty undies.

The woman who had apparently taken the photo by shooting at her reflection in a mirror said she didn’t at all notice the face behind her until she posted the pic to the internet. It’s a wonder she didn’t move out of her house right then and there! Apparently she had just bought a new camera and wanted to take a few test shots to try it out. However her test shots turned out to be friggin’ paranormal evidence! At least that’s what some people are saying.

One commenter told the woman, “If we were in a ghost movie, I wouldn’t want to be your friend”, suggesting that the photographer has some evil demon attached to her. Not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to paranormal activity.

Go back to hell, Sammy Davis Jr.!

However another commenter gave a more logical option. They said that the woman probably had a long exposure setting on her camera, which ended up doubling the woman’s head in the photograph. She possibly had turned away then looked back to the mirror creating what is called a double exposure. Sure, that’s what a GHOST would want you to think!