You’ll Never Have To Deal With Customer Service Again After Reading This

Regardless of your current politics, there’s one thing we can ALL agree on; Customer Service sucks. Nothing is more painful than knowing you’re going to have to call customer service, deal with their fucking menu and be put on hold for most of your day. That is if you can even find the damn customer service phone number to begin with! Well now there’s a service willing to deal with all that bullshit for you. Thank God, we were about at the end of our iPhone cables.

There’s a company out of Boston called GetHuman which just announced a new service as a part of their company that will handle customer service issues for you for a small fee. Here’s what GetHuman’s CEO Christian Allen had to say about their new chapter, “These customer service procedures have become these long obstacle courses for us. We avoid them, we procrastinate, and in some cases we don’t do them at all.”

Most companies now offer a 24 hours a day customer service assistance, assuring customers that their wait times are nothing more than five minutes out of your day but we all know that’s a filthy lie. Just today I was on Hulu’s website and spent a solid 15 minutes just looking for a contact phone number. Nowadays, business websites try to answer all of your questions for you with some sort of “technical difficulty directory” on their website when really all we want to do is speak to a damn human being.

T-5000 ready to take your call.

So how much will GetHuman’s service cost? It could be anywhere from $5 to $25 to hire what they call a “problem solver”. Not TOO bad considering you’ll never lose your patience ever again with customer service. That is until the day you have to deal with GetHuman’s customer service in regard to your customer service. Won’t that just be swell. Until then, maybe this is the next best option compared to going off the grid completely and trashing every electronic in your house.

And in case you needed a little bit more help trying to get through this life, here are some other odd jobs to make your day go by a little smoother!

1. Paying someone to wait in line for you.

Waiting for a table at a restaurant, the line to get into a concert or, God help you, a new phone? Hire someone to do that crap for you!

2. Paying someone to take your online course for you.

Tired of being in school debt and barely being able to pass your classes anyway? Pay someone to pass the damn thing for you, get that degree and move the hell on.

3. Paying someone to go shopping with your wife.

They’re limiting this service to grocery shopping but maybe your wife who’s really needing to go to the mall on your only day off can talk them into some extra rounds while you get to stay home and take that nap.