Ass Print Valentine’s Cards Are A Thing Now

a baby's butt print as a valentine's day card


Just when you think you are fresh out of new gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, a hero rises in Australia.

He brings us Valentine’s cards with his ass printed on them.

The 25-year-old Aussie is only going by the name “Davis” because he fears that if he reveals his full name, he’ll get fired from his job… you know, for selling his ass.

an ass printed card for Valentine's day


Here is what Davis told The Huffington Post: “For a long time, it was just a joke. Everyone in my family would give each other worse and worse cards. Some were highly inappropriate and others just had terrible puns.”

Then he and his sister (Jamie) hit on the idea that selling prints of his ass would make some money.

Is it just me, or having your sister thinking you can make some cash by selling your ass rings a little creepy?

my god you're a freak funny GIF


He explains that the idea was to sell the prints to send to someone you didn’t like or are angry with. Meaning, you get to take being an asshole to another level…

But now the cards are meant to be loving and sweet, so if you’d like to snag one of these printed cards, you can go to and drop just $6 for some man ass.

an ass printed card from austrailia


But first – just for fun – you should hear how the process of making the prints began. The prints are done with paint on his ass and not from him sitting on a copier…

“I had to squat on 10 pieces of paper to get the right print,” Davis said. “We spent 90 minutes experimenting with food dye and acrylic paint. Meanwhile, all my shorts hairs got covered in paint.”

So the cards are not of the scratch-and-sniff variety?


Davis assures that the cards are prints and the originals are safe in his — or his sister’s — possession. And now they are hoping the ‘heart-shaped’ asses will be a big Valentine’s seller and offer something different in a card.

The pair are also planning a Mother’s Day line of ass prints and also some for Christmas.

a yellow butt print on a valentine's day card


Says Davis: “Hey! Any excuse to get naked in Mom’s kitchen.”


Perhaps keep your thoughts to yourself…

Source: Huffington Post