Geography Teacher Quits After 14-Year-Old Student Finds Her Private Pics Online

A 27-year-old geography teacher, identified only as Georgiana D, is out of job. After a 14-year-old student found explicit pics and videos of her online, the outrage from parents forced her to quit.

It turns out that Georgiana D had tons of content on the internet, much of it showing her naked and a lot of it featuring a male companion.

Her secret life online was exposed after her 14-year-old student told his friends. Eventually, parents saw it and complained to officials at the school. Before the officials could rule on her future, she resigned.

Georgiana D was teaching at a school in Romania in the city of Prisacani. She had gone away to college but came back after getting her degree in geography.

Do you think this teacher deserved to lose her job for footage she filmed in her private life?


Source: Mirror