Georgia Lawmaker Quits After Sacha Baron Cohen Tricks Him Into Dropping Pants To ‘Ward Off Terrorists’

And good riddance to him too – we don’t need men like Jason Spencer in the Georgia House of Representatives. Shit, we don’t need him anywhere in our government; it’s incompetent and stupid enough already. We don’t need to make it any worse by throwing in the occasional loon who thinks chasing around terrorists with his bare ass is an effective way to stay safe:

There are SEVERAL points in there where this guy’s face shows that he’s on the verge of calling bullshit, but then instead of backing the fuck up he straps on a helmet and dives head-first into the shallow end of the kiddie pool. But to be fair to Jason Spencer, no one in their right mind wants his giant ass touching them, so I can see how he’d think sprinting backwards airing out his crack would deter terrorists – it deterred ME, and the only bombs I drop are every morning about 30 minutes after my first cup of coffee.

In an attempt to explain himself, Jason Spencer released a statement that “Sacha Baron Cohen and his associates took advantage of my paralyzing fear in that my family would be attacked” — which is hilarious, because Jason Spencer lives in Georgia. The only thing less likely to happen to you down there than being attacked by a terrorist is that you find someone who knows how to read. If terrorists ever bomb Atlanta, not a single person inside of Georgia would bat an eye because none of the residents are even aware that Atlanta is IN Georgia; also, because it carries a large black population and this is the south we’re talking about.

And now, because of a British comedian…we are finally starting to drain the swamp.

This truly is the most ironic timeline.

[H/T Daily Mail]