George W. Bush Reveals New Portraits Of Other World Leaders

Former President George W. Bush is having an official unveiling of his paintings this weekend at his Dallas, Texas presidential library. If you recall, Bush has been busy the past five years working on paintings of self-portraits in the bath tub, landscapes and cats and dogs. Now the former leader of the free world is using his experiences from his time in office to paint portraits of the other world leaders he encountered. In addition he has a self-portrait and one of his father George H.W. Bush. His daughter Jenna interviewed Bush as he explained some of the inspirations for the paintings. Most notable was that of Russian President Vladimir Putin who gave Bush crap for having a “small, weak” dog. What are your favorite painting from George W. Bush and would you want to buy one?

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Wait… Why did George W. Bush paint actor Mads Mikkelsen from Hannibal?

Always paint a good portrait of dad if you want something good left in the will.

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The Tony Blair
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President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai

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Four leaders on a wall, can you name them all?

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