That Time The Creator Of Game Of Thrones Wrote Stan Lee A Sarcastic Letter At 15

The creator of Game of Thrones was quite the petulant child at the young age of 15. And apparently, even at 15, George R.R. Martin knew what good writing was and jumped at the chance to let legends Stan lee and Jack Kirby know they really missed the mark in one of their Fantastic Four issues.  Not only did he let them know, but in the most sarcastic way possible.

Here’s George’s original letter from 1963:

Almost makes me feel sorry for Lee & Kirby. 1963 was a different time for entertainment when realism wasn’t exactly something that was popular in comics, television or movies. The Jetson’s had only been on television for a year. And fantasy, even in real life, was what people wanted.  But hey, George had a different theory on fantasy as most of us later found out.

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