For $20,000, George R. R. Martin Will Make You A Whore And Then Murder You

What most fans of Game of Thrones love about the novels is the incredibly detailed universe author George R. R. Martin has created. Now, two fans with $20,000 dollars to spare can become part of that universe, if only for a brief, painful moment.

As part of a fundraising campaign for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Food Depot in Fe, New Mexico, Martin is offering to insert two donors into his upcoming books. If you’re willing and able to part with $20,000, the author will transform you into a character, allow you to chose a back-story (knight, whore, incestuous wildling, etc.), and then brutally murder you like so many Game of Thrones characters you’ve come to know and love. For a true fan, there can be no greater honor.

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If you don’t have $20,000 to throw around, and the Iron Bank of Braavos won’t float you a loan, don’t despair. Donations of any amount will land you a chance to win a trip for two to meet with Martin in Santa Fe. You’ll get to visit his beloved wolf sanctuary, take a helicopter ride, have dinner, and ask the author any questions you like. I know my first question would be “are you going to live long enough to finish the books,” but that’s just me.

Check out the video for details, and click here to donate.

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