George R. R. Martin Says ‘F*ck You’ To Everyone Who Is Worried About His Death

If George R. R. Martin has taught us anything, it’s that all men must die, and that they usually must do so in a horrible and nightmarish manner. Same rules apply to women, children, babies, and beloved pets.

But when one stops to ponder mortality and accept man’s mandatory death sentence, they can’t help but notice that their favorite fantasy writer is a) famous for taking his time while writing, b) getting up there in years, c) a fat fatty fat fat. Logically, it is feasible that he could pass away before the completion of his Song of Ice and Fire series.

George R. R. Martin has heard these concerns, and thanked us for them in the form of a one-fingered salute.

In an interview with the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger, Martin addresses his death-poolers.

“I find that question pretty offensive, people speculating about my death and my health,” Martin told the interviewer. “So fuck you to those people.”

He then punctuated the statement by giving the middle finger, which lead to my new favorite gif.

Good for him. If anything, this is a reminder that GRRM is a person and deserves to enjoy his success. He has obligations and goals beyond his writing and we need to respect that. We can’t scream and rant every time we see him doing something other than finishing the goddamn books already.

Conversely, the concern isn’t born from a feeling of entitlement. I believe it’s meant more as a compliment. We just want to see the twisted things that live in George’s beautiful mind. I’d be flattered.