White College Kid Refused Sexual Consent Course Because He Doesn’t Look Rapey

There are two views to this story, but the worst one is clearly the side in which George Lawlor a Warwick University student decided to not simply refuse an invitation to attend a sexual consent course but then write about his refusal in an article titled “Why I don’t need consent lessons” which actually makes you more of an asshole than a creepy potential rapist. Come to think of it, it totally makes you pretty creepy too. Especially after he had posted this image of himself with a sign that says “This is not what a rapist looks like.”

Should’ve just declined the course, kid.

Apparently a friend had invited Lawler to attend a course and Lawler not only refused but decided to complain about it. Of course once the article expressing his views hit online, and more importantly the above (and ridiculous) photo, his story slowly began to go viral with women (especially women) chiming in to let Lawler know how ignorant he really was.

Maybe your friends were inviting you to the course George as a hint? My favorite line is when he writes “Let me explain, I love consent”. I love consent? What a f*cking weirdo.

In Lawler’s article, he not only comes across as someone who thinks he and “the people he knows” don’t need to attend such a course, but also is almost angry at the fact that such a course exists. He writes, “They’re full of people pointing out the obvious, thinking they’ve saved the world.” Guess what, kid, if someone is even remotely thinking about raping somebody, and attends the course to then realize how terrible of an idea it is, that means it worked, your point of view aside. And if you disagree with that statement, the fact that Lawler thinks he’s so above a sexual consent course is actually just plain scary.

The best part however is he posted the above photo along with the caption “Do I really look like a rapist?” George, if I may, YES YOU DO. YOU TOTALLY LOOK LIKE A RAPIST. In fact, you look like a young Norman Bates with your button down shirt and v-neck sweater. And he was WORSE than a rapist.

This kid really needs a history lesson on what most serial killers look like, which is another reason to force this kid into a course so he can shut up and listen for once. It’s always annoying when early 20-somethings think they have it all figured out when they painfully do not.

But there is a silverlining to Lawler’s brave article.  Since his piece has gone viral, it’s less likely that he’ll be getting a date from any girl in the near future, which will be the hardest lesson for him to swallow.

Refusing to take a course, attend a party, go to a funeral, whatever it is, is fine. But almost bragging as to why you’re refusing something as important as the messages of sexual consent, meanwhile seemingly get angry about it, is just enough to be somewhat startling.