Genius Woman Fakes Illnesses So She Can Hitch A Ride From An Ambulance

Saying that you can’t get a ride in this day and age is a pretty lame excuse. We not only have traditional public transportation like buses and cabs but we’ve also got apps that can send a driver to our house and take us wherever we want to go for a nominal fee. It’s almost like saying you were late, even though transporter technology is a thing now. One enterprising woman who really wanted to see her boyfriend actually found another way to get a ride. 

Cassandra Lewis of Saugerties, New York needed a ride to see her boyfriend but rather than digging change out of her couch for bus fare or call an Uber driver, she decided to fake an illness and have an ambulance take her where she wanted to go. You just know that somehow this is the fault of President Obama’s health care plan. 

This is like that thing where you are drunk and go into a pizza place to have a pizza delivered to your house to get a ride with the pizza guy; but now your HMO is going to charge you $10,000.

Lewis’ boyfriend lived near the hospital and she couldn’t think of a way to get there. So she called 911 and made up a medical emergency that required them to send an ambulance. Once they brought her to the hospital, she signed herself out and walked over to her boyfriend’s place. Police later arrested her and charged her with a misdemeanor count of filing a false emergency report. Actually, it doesn’t sound like she was faking an injury since clearly there’s something wrong with her brain. 

Source: News 10