General Mills Releasing Lucky Charms Boxes With Just The Marshmallows

If you’ve been eating Lucky Charms and are tired of picking out the boring part of the cereal just so you can eat the marshmallows, then you’re in luck (no pun intended). General Mills announced they are releasing a “Marshmallow Only” of their famous, sugary sweet cereal and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

General Mills announced on Friday that they will make and release only 10 limited boxes of “Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms” containing nothing but the soft, delicious part of Lucky Charms cereal. They also released a music video on their YouTube channel featuring rapper Biz Markie singing about this gift from sugar heaven to the tune of his most famous song.

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If you’d like to get your hands on a box of this limited edition breakfast treat, you’ll need some luck (also no pun intended, I swear). The company is holding a contest as part of its “Lucky 10 Sweepstakes.” All you have to do to enter is post a selfie of yourself holding an “imaginary” box of the Marshmallow Only cereal and post it to Twitter, Instagram or the Lucky Charms’ Facebook page with the hashtag #lucky10sweepstakes, according to the YouTube video’s description.


So if you don’t win. You can always make your own box by picking out the marshmallows and keeping them in a shoebox or other cardboard receptacle. In fact, it’s better because you can make your own box cover!