Gather ‘Round And Share Your Christmas Memories

Welcome, fellow Breaker. Come sit by the fireplace GIF and tell us your favorite Christmas story. It can be funny, sad, weird, or Santa sex fan-fiction. Whatever you have, let us know. Let’s have a warm and fun holiday discussion in the comments. And if you’re Jewish or not celebrating Christmas, that’s fine too. You probably have some fun stories that take place around this time. And if you don’t, try to get a more interesting life.

Some ideas to prompt you:

– Favorite gift?

– Least favorite gift?

– Did you see mommy kissing Santa Claus? Doesn’t matter where the kiss was, tell us about it!

– Were you part of a Christmas party that was held hostage by German terrorists? We want to know!

– Were you at an airport that was taken over by terrorists? Let us know!

– Die Hard 3 and 4 didn’t take place at Christmas, so screw them.

– Did you drink so much you vomited? Happy Birthday, Jesus! Tell us!

– Have you ever slept with a distant cousin after a night of adult egg nog? Gross, but awesome! Tell us about how that went and the regret you felt.

– Did you know taxidermied rodents aren’t good gifts to give a girlfriend? If you found out the hard way, spill the beans!

– Etc!