Does Garfield Scream ‘F*ck It’ In The 1985 Garfield Halloween Special?

There are very few Halloween specials that I appreciate during this season, but Garfield’s Halloween Adventure has continued to be one of them year after year. But after watching it maybe the hundreth time last night, I noticed something I had never noticed before. And it happens twice.

If you’ve never seen this particular Halloween cartoon, the first thing you should do is move out from under your rock. I’m not saying you have to enjoy this sort of thing, but c’mon. It’s a classic. Long story short, the plot is Garfield discovers not only the holiday of Halloween, but that if one were to trick or treat, one will get tons of candy. So off Garfield and Odie go to get as much candy as humanly (or pet-aly?) possible until they discover an old hermit on a remote island. The reaction to the man is when the expletive is heard. To put it bluntly, it sounds like Garfield yells “Fuck it.”

I literally recorded this clip off my own TV for your judgement and in no way has been edited. Watch the video BELOW.

[[contentId: 2782222| | size: 100]]

How it could he be saying anything other than “Christ! Fuck it!”

Part of my brain says there’s no way that that is what he’s saying in a children’s cartoon, but the other part says that’s EXACTLY what he’s saying, especially in the context to the scene. As in “fuck it, screw the candy, we’re outta here.” I know that’s what I would yell if I were in his place. He actually says it a second time, although it’s obviously the same audio when the pirate ghosts appear.

I’m very interested to read what you guys think he is saying, or isn’t saying. So let’s hear it.

And if you’d like to investigate the cartoon, or just watch it for your own enjoyment, it’s available on Hulu.

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