Gardener Had Nine Inch Nail Fly Into His Eye, But Walked Away With Sight Intact

There’s a joy that can come with gardening. Getting a little vitamin D, giving back to nature or having a nine inch nail fly into your eye almost causing you to go blind but instead leaving you with one amazing injury photo. One gardener was outside weed-wacking when said weed-wacker hit a nail, causing it to fly back toward him, embedding itself into his right eye socket. Luckily, the long metal piece narrowly missed his eyeball because of the angle in which it was embedded. If there was ever a reason for me to never pick up another weed-wacker again, this is it.

When the gardener arrived at the hospital, doctors could only see the head of the nail and nothing else, as shown in the first image. Nothing indicated if the nail had damaged anything or how long the nail actually was. Fortunately the nail had missed the eye, however, the nail was so long its tip was extremely close to the man’s other eye and also his brain. Too close for doctor’s to simply remove. But that wasn’t he only problem.

The bad news was that it was lodged against one of the main arteries supplying blood to the head, and another artery serving the other eye.

With a surgeon ready to operate through the man’s head and another surgeon ready to operate through the man’s neck, the first surgeon was able to pull out the nail without damaging any arteries. The doctor’s said that eye injuries such as this aren’t as uncommon as you’d assume, although most happen due to the use of a nail gun. They urge anyone doing work with even the most common tools such as a weed-wacker to wear eye protection. Because you never know when a damn nail will blind you.

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Source: Daily Mail