Garage Science’s 7 Weirdest Things Sent Into Space!

Today in Garage Science I am taking a look at all of the weird things that people have sent into near space. If the below videos of space faring fellas sending everything from a KitKat bar, to an Obama bobble head to a sex doll inspire you to launch your own junk into space, I have even created a handy “how to guide” to do it yourself!


If you are like me you love space but know it is super hard to get to, but you’d like to go there anyway. That is why it is exciting that so many people are trying to go at it on their own. Check out these amazing videos and tell us what you would launch into space! God speed, Break!

1. Lego Man

 2. The First Donut In Space

3. Walter White

4. Kit Kat Bar

5. Obama Bobble Head

6. A Natty Ice Beer

7. Toy Robot

Click here to see How To Launch Crap Into Space.

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