10 Scary Gangsta Pics That Are Laughably Stupid

This week we’re launching our newest Movies On Break category Scary Funny Movies, a list of films that at first glance look frightening, but are really going to make you scream with laughter more than fear. And what better way to celebrate this new category than a list of “gangsta” pictures that do just that; Do anything but scare you. Even one guy took a picture with his turds. You can’t get scary than that, right?


I got my Coronas, my guns and my floppy drives. Who’s ready to save some Word Documents up in this muh.


You know who’s real hood? That good-lookin’ boy from the Twilight movies. Can I get a hell yeah!


Before it was cool to wear baggy clothes, it was even cooler to eat a ton of chicken McNuggets and wear your sisters tshirt. Check it!


Having some rad kicks is pretty gangsta, but showcasing them like you’re on the Home Shopping Network is real gangsta. Place a pair on your shoulders, you have yourself a real showcase showdown, yo.


This guy’s rollin’ deep in the dough! There’s at least $17 there.


[[contentId: 2845540| | style: height:724px; width:509px]]

You know what’s cooler than showing off your gun? Showin’ off the fact that you can hold a 35 lb. weight.


Not sure which contaminated pond this dude has been sipping from, but I’d hate to run into him in a dark alley. He’s even got tiny knives!


Nothin’ is more gangta than being a part of the 100 Acre Wood gang. Tigger is a friggin’ mad man.


[[contentId: 2845542| | style: height:751px; width:510px]]

You’re a real gangsta if you’re wearing the latest cool trends. Even better if everything you’re wearing is matching, keepin’ it fresh. Like pineapple under the sea fresh.


“No big deal, just posing with like a few thousand dollars. Oh and my poop. That’s my poop.”

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