This Video Game Collection Will Blow Your Mind

Every kid of just about every recent generation wanted their parents to buy them a Nintendo of some kind. For some, it was the Nintendo Wii. Others begged their parents for a Nintendo Entertainment System. Generations older than the NES suffered through a childhood of boredom and misery. One guy made up for every childhood that didn’t contain at least one Nintendo video game system by amassing a collection of Nintendo consoles, games, accessories and other collectibles that feels like a treasure trove Indiana Jones would find at the end of an adventure.

A YouTuber named Lithium017 posted a long video tour of what he calls his “Nintendo Room,” which is just what it sounds like. It’s a special room in his house where he keeps his giant collection of just about anything with a Nintendo logo or character on it. He doesn’t just have almost every single model of the consoles Nintendo has made from the original NES to the Nintendo WiiU. He’s also got shelves of action figures and toys from famous Nintendo games, special collectibles editions of consoles and even rare accessories like the Nintendo GameCube ASCII Keyboard Controller. If Nintendo ever required fans of their games to make a live sacrifice to honor their heritage and generosity, this looks like it would be the most sacred and holiest shrine in which to complete such a task. 

The video below takes you through every inch of this collector’s impressive collection. 

This guy may have a lot of stuff but it’s not the world’s biggest collection of Nintendo stuff. That honor goes to Ahmed Bin Fahad, a police officer in Dubai with a collection of Nintendo goodies worth more than $408,000. We assume that at the price, he just lives inside a giant NES console.