Wanna Speak With George R.R. Martin? The Man Joined Twitter Yesterday.

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jun. 10, 2014

Everyone loves Game of Thrones (frankly I'm still trying to get through the first season, but I am enjoying it okay?!) and even moreso, people are a little fascinated about it's 65-year-old creator who seemed to be a mere obscure fantasy author until just a few years ago.

Well if you dabble in the world of Twitter, a magical place where you can get updates and latest news from celebrities and moguls themselves (usually just their social media helpers), you will be giddy at the fact that George R.R. Martin has joined the social networking site.  Kind of.

With almost 60,000 followers, the man has only made one tweet since launching his account yesterday.

Who knew the creator of Game of Thrones liked using a smiley face.  George, how do you know if you don't tweet all that much if you've only been on twitter for 24 hours?! 

Hopefully he'll get into it more instead of forcing us to go to his "Journal Page" which you can do by clicking HERE.  It's kind of meh.  Afterall, the man apparently continues to write with a DOS word processor so maybe him trying to figure out something like Twitter may be a little impractical.

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Valeasaz User

George has made it pretty clear that technology is not his thing, and I kind of respect that. 

geturcoat89 User

he must have made it to see what people say about the next episode.  it's going to be nuts

RiotSt4rt3r User

The uh joke about him not being able to understand twitter because it's too complicated for someone who uses DOS.. It's the other way around. 

Mike-Emmons-39 User

now if only the celebutards would tweet as much as george, we would have a much better world.