You Won’t Believe What Crime Was Happening In This Fake Furniture Store

A furniture store in Gilroy, California came under suspicion by locals and nearby shopkeepers when they realized that the store was never open for business and had no employees or customers.     

On closer inspection all of the furniture displayed in the show room sales floor seemed used and rundown as if no one had any intention of really selling it.

Nobody was ever seen coming in and out of the store, even though this sweet oak dinning set would look delightful in your kitchen.

So it was no shock that when the police finally raided the store they found a marijuana growing operation worth $2 million dollars, rather than a set of end tables.

Hey, do they sell HIGH chairs?

1000 pot plants and 50 pounds of processed weed were discovered in the back store room of the fake furniture shop. Maybe the lamps have glaucoma?

Along with discovering the back room grow lab, police apprehended the suspect, 39-year-old Phuc Nguyen. Phuc who?  No, Phuc you.

$2 mill’ of weed? Well, you can’t call him a La-Z-Boy.

In addition to running the fake furniture store as a front for a marijuana growing operation, police say that Phuc Nguyen stole $80,000 worth of electricity from the local power grid using illegal wiring.

Investigators think that Phuc is part of a much larger marijuana trafficking organization, and may cut a deal with him to get information.  Hmm, I always thought it smelled funny when I went into an Ethan Allen, and it’s not just the wood varnish.

This was the original room full of furniture that made you feel high.

His bail is set at $200K and he is charged with theft of utilities and illegal cultivation of marijuana for sale. Sadly no charges for matching those god awful drapes with that davenport.  

Luckily if Phuc is on the run from some drug lords who want to silence him before he talks, there are some available couches he can crash on, pre-arranged with Cheetos already inserted into the cushions.

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Source: NBC