7 Of The Best Memes of 2015

As with every year since the internet’s birth, 2015 had its fair share of memorable memes.  And this year more than any thanks to the way online and offline pop culture tends to mingle like drunks at a bar some have been everywhere and back again.  Here’s 7 of the biggest of 2015,  May 2016 be just as full.

The Dress

In February of 2015 the internet became strangely obsessed with what may be the most useless of all questions – what color is this dress?  The answer should have been simple, but it wasn’t.  To some people the dress was black and blue, to others white and gold.  The internet had itself a good, old fashioned brain teaser.

Turns out the dress is, in fact, blue and black and most people see it as blue and black but about 30% see it as white and gold due to the washed out nature of the original photo.  It’s just an optical illusion but man, it was super popular.


Jurassic World premiered in June and arguably the most memorable scene in the movie was Chris Pratt holding off his horde of Velociraptors by extending his arms and casually walking backwards because that’s how Starlord runs a dinosaur farm.  Real life zookeepers seemed to think this was pretty cool and within a week we had a photo of a zookeeper keeping walruses at bay.  It kind of exploded from there.

Mugabe Fall

In February, the president of Zimbabwe fell down.  Who gives a damn, right?  Well, a photographer caught his fall at precisely the right moment to turn it into something awesome.  This, combined with the fact the government had originally told reporters to delete their copies of te original photo, demanded immediate and hilarious action as Mugabe found himself in all kinds of zany adventures.

Left Shark


Katy Perry’s halftime show at the Superbowl was memorable mostly thanks to this guy, a dancing shark that apparently forgot the routine before he got on stage.  The combination of a sad looking cartoonish shark and bumbling dance moves really seemed to click with people.

Pizza Rat


Pizza Rat was a rat with a slice of pizza, what more could you need in life.  He was filmed somewhere in New York and rose to popularity as an example of a hardworking New Yorker just trying to feed his mutant turtle kids.

Pope Bars


We can’t say for sure if the Pope was spitting rhymes but the photo made it look that way and the resulting hastag #popebars took off pretty well on twitter and other social media sites where the pope became an overnight rap sensation.

Netflix and Chill


By Spring 2015, pretty much everyone knew that Netflix and chill didn’t really mean Netflix and chill.  Even Netflix started making jokes about it and by the summer the mainstream media had gotten ahold of the idea that inviting someone over for Netflix was just a not so sly way of hooking up.