Fun With Drones!

With all the controversy over military drones, people seemed to forget how much FUN we could be having with them! After all isn’t a drone just a remote controlled airplane? And everybody loved those as a kid, right? It looks like US military action in Syria is about to commence with the possible use of armed, unmanned drones which will be sure to add to public outrage. So we want to find out if people’s opinions of drones would change if we use them for fun things! Yay! Instead of popping peanuts in your mouth, imagine a drone airlifting one over your head and dropping it in; bombs away!

Instead of using a laser pointer to tease your cat, use your drone’s lasers! In classrooms across America instead of throwing paper airplanes, kids can throw drones!! Or how about if drones are used to deliver medical marijuana? (Paging Dr. Green Drone!)

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People have a negative opinion of drones because they think the government is using them to spy on or even kill civilians, but if we take control of the drones for our own fun purposes, I think those negative nancies would change their tune.  If douche bags can drive around in Hummers, which were originally military vehicles, then we should be able to use drones for fun too, right! Some people already have come up with fun uses for drones like:

Pizza Delivery

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Domino’s Pizza tested a pizza delivery drone in the UK this year, which literally put some pies in the sky.  Now if they combined the military drone with the pizza delivery drone, we could win over our enemies by delivering them piping hot cheese and peperoni yumminess. This way they will be in a food coma and too sleepy to fight! Plus who wants to have war when your belly is full of pizza? Not me.

Music Videos / Filming Roof Parties

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One of the most obvious and (potentially) non nefarious uses for drones is film making! With cheap, consumer level drones, you can finally get that areal shot of your backyard wrestling match you always wanted. And we know you would never, ever use it for any kind of pervy, lurid, peeping tom videos, flying your drone up over fences to catch your neighbor’s daughter sun bathing in the nude… or her MILF of a mother changing through the window up stairs. Nope.

Bullet Delivery 

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If you strap a gun to your drone, now you can really have some fun! Why should armed drones only be for the military? It’s your right to  With your own high firepower drone, now you’re the boss. Time to blow stuff up! …Only in a safe, fun, wholesome way of course.


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Oh wait.. holy crap the government IS using drones to spy on the public in great detail: The US military’s ARGUS-IS streams a million terabytes of data, recording 5,000 hours of HD footage a day with a 1.8 gigapixel camera from 17,000 feet in the air. Whoa there Big Brother!  But does Big Brother have an Older Sister? Can you imagine how great a peeping tom you could be with one of these? I mean just imagine it. However you know there is probably some perv at the NSA using the technology in this video for all sorts of… hot.. steamy.. candid photos. I mean, no this is totally wrong.

So what do you guys think of drones? Tell us your opinion and any fun ideas you have for drone uses!

Other fun with drones activities include:

  • Drone Water Skiing

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  • Silly Drones: Put mustaches on the drones to make them seem harmless.
  • Drone Fails! Drones doing skateboard tricks and smashing their balls.
  • NSA Drone Prank: Drones are reading your emails and your Facebook page! Oh no!
  • Drone Bikini Car Wash
  • Drone Battles; drones fight each other like Battlebots.

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