Fugitive Woman Taunts Police By Posting Sexy Selfies On Her Facebook Page

One wouldn’t think the above woman was at all worried about going to jail. You also wouldn’t think the above woman was at all related to the Dundon brothers, Ireland’s notorious mafia gang whom she snitched on which sent three of her brothers to prison. Furthermore, you wouldn’t think the above woman took part in her brothers murderous crimes which lead to a warrant for her arrest.

One really couldn’t tell any of these things because the above woman, Bella Dundon keeps updating her facebook page with sexy selfies to continually taunt European police while she remains in hiding. Sexy hiding that is.

To illustrate how crazy the Dundon’s actually were is something straight out of The Departed. For starters, when Bella was 14, her brother Wayne tried to take her into a local pub. When the bartender refused, the bartender was later found shot dead, presumably by Wayne Dundon. Bella, now 24, is connected to the numerous murders and crimes made by her family and the European police have a few questions for her. More specifically regarding the murder of a mother-of-two allegedly contracted by her husband. Bella played the part in getting the hired killer blueprints to the family’s house.

Here’s a recent profile picture Bella posted, as if to show the police how much of a f*ck she could really give.

Officials believe Bella is located in London, where she’s been posting updates about how she’s enjoying the city while going out with friends.

And if you’re interested, here’s her actual facebook page, because how could we write about her whole ordeal without linking to it. Points if you send her a friend request.

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source: Inquisitr