Today In Brilliance: Fugitive Arrested For Ice Bucket Challenge

An Omaha, Nebraska man, Jesean Morris had the right idea and kindness in his heart when he, like millions of other folks on the internet, took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Unfortunately for Morris, who I am assuming would have otherwise been a Rhodes Scholar, this moment of selflessness caused him to forget one crucial fact; that he was a fugitive from the law.  Looks like someone threw… cold water on his escape plans. *puts on shades*

I said… Looks like someone threw cold water on his escape plans! Come on!

After Morris posted the video to Facebook of himself being doused with ice and water from a bucket, all in the name of charity, one citizen who knew Morris called the police after recognizing the house where he was staying. Morris had been wanted for violating his parole on charges related to his 2010 arrest and felony conviction for assault and use of a firearm in a crime during a shootout. On a sidenote, we looked up his Facebook page to see if the video was still posted and it just has a blank profile with the only information being “studied at jail.” Brilliant.

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What I want to know is, who challenged Morris to the video? Was it really the police who knew that he was such a nice and outstanding guy that he would not be able to resist taking the challenge for charity and thus it was all an elaborate ploy to catch him? Maybe this is a new great way to catch criminals; their one weakness is ice bucket challenges and all the FBI has to do in order to clean up the Most Wanted list is to pose Ice Bucket Challenges to America’s fugitives.  Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Badawi Wanted For Bombing The USS Cole, I Nominate You To The Ice Bucket Challenge!

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The Only Thing He Hates More Than America is Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Mr. Morris it seems felt he had more charity work to do as when officers arrived to arrest him, he gave them a false name and spit in one officer’s face. It’s really a shame that Morris will be spending some time in prison, as the world will be losing a bright flame to look toward in this time of uncertainty. What imaginative and creative thinking will be squandered now that Mr. Morris is not free to exude his thought provoking and creative ideas on fundraising, ice buckets and leadership skills?  The worst part of all of this, now that he is locked up again Morris will not be able to follow through on his promise to ALS.

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