Frustrated Wife Kept Sex Diary Detailing Husbands Refusal Of Sex

Last week we learned about a husband who kept a spreadsheet of all the times his wife refused his sexual advances, complete with the date and a detailed account of her “excuse.” The story quickly went viral after the wife was confronted with the spreadsheet and submitted the document to Reddit as proof of what a loving husband she has.

I’m not a marriage counselor, but maybe if he spent more time charming his lady instead of making spreadsheets?

Now we have learned that it’s not only frustrated men who have taken to sexual accounting. The folks over at Guyism have acquired the odd sexual diary of a recently divorced woman who kept tabs on all the times she was denied sex by her soon to be ex-husband.

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The people in the story looked exactly like this stock image of attractive young people.

The woman sent all the details (or lack there of) to her friend, who in turn forwarded the not-so-juicy details to Guyism. She writes:

So a girlfriend of mine had this awful husband. He was a nice enough guy but he didn’t pay attention to her and NEVER wanted to have sex. We knew things were bad but she was quiet about it. She’s a great girl who deserved better.

Anyway, she finally got tired of his shit and filed for divorce. This was a few years ago. On the night the divorce was final we went out and had a few drinks. There were 10 of us there. She got really drunk and gave us details about their sex life. Like really intimate stuff. Too many details to tell you the truth. She told us that after a few months of marriage, she began keeping a diary of everything that happened. Like everything. We asked her what she meant by that and she told us she would send it by email.

A few days pass and we don’t hear from her. Then like in the middle of the night, a bunch of us get this pdf file. She scanned pages from her diary. It was so beyond funny…I felt terrible for reading it. We all laughed about it for a few weeks. That sex spreadsheet you posted made me think of it. If I send it to you, can you put it up without her name and stuff?

Unlike the Excel friendly information that was provided by the sexually frustrated man, this sex diary was a mess of scribbled notes in a PDF. In order to make it more reader friendly, the information has also been compiled into a helpful spreadsheet; which I guess is now going to be the standard format for revealing the intimate details of your sex life.

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More attractive people not having sex.. in a Victorian era castle?

As you can see, this wife gives us the outcome of her sexual advances, and also references the times she used a “Magic Wand” to finish the job herself. Which entry is your favorite?

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Those magic wands sound nice.

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