From the Diary of Manti Te’o

Dear Diary,

Such a great night last night with Lennay.  God, she’s so much fun.  We watched Weird Science together again (she loves that movie) and just hung out for a bit.  She’s such a good listener.  I can say anything to her and she won’t judge me.

Paul came over for a bit with his new girlfriend Cheryl.  Neither Lennay nor I really liked her much, she seems like an airhead.  Paul can do better.  His last girlfriend was really nice, always high fiving everyone and giving the thumbs up, but he said they had to break up because every time they got intimate he got carpal tunnel.  That’s rough.

I had a game and it went really well.  I think Lennay is my good luck charm or something.  After we won she ran out on the field and gave me the biggest hug and we danced, right there on the gridiron.  Of course the pic is everywhere now, I feel embarrassed.

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Lennay thinks it makes her ass look fat but I keep telling her you can barely see it. 

After the game we had to hit up an awards ceremony.  We both got dressed up super fancy and it was awesome.  Here we are holding up the trophy I was given. Look at Lennay’s face!  God, she’s crazy.  I love her.

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Lennay thought the night was just about me but I had a big surprise for her.  I got her up on stage and had her serenaded by a real Hollywood celebrity!  She loved it!

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Anyway diary, it was a petty magical day over all.  We headed home afterwards and fell asleep on the couch listening to Lennay’s favorite song.  I don’t want to get too mushy here but I think she may be the one.  I just don’t see how this could go wrong.  Ever.

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