Were These Friends Photobombed By The Same Stranger Years Apart?

This sort of thing keeps happening and it really makes you wonder how many times you have passed by the random “extras” in the movie that is your life. A group of friends from England, three women, enjoy taking vacations together. Two years ago Samantha Shield, Sharon Haak and Lynne Collins, boarded a plane and the ladies snapped a selfie as they were headed off to the Spanish resort town of Palma. In the background of this pic is clearly a young guy smiling at the camera. A light photobombing, nothing too crazy, right?

2014 Trip

However two years later the ladies, Samantha Shield, Sharon Haak and another friend, Elaine Dixon took another girl’s weekend boarding a plane and snapping their traditional selfie. Sharon posted the picture to Facebook and her friends quickly pointed out that not only was it a similar photo but in fact it appeared that the EXACT same guy was sitting behind them and photo bombing them AGAIN.

2016 trip

A complete stranger, who happened to be sitting behind them on a plane, going to the same destinations! What are the chances? Did the Matrix break down? Is this proof that we are living in simulation? Sharon told the Mirror UK:

“I posted it on Facebook in case I was imagining it and had a lot of comments from people remarking how weird/strange/freaky/bizarre/odd the photos were and that it looks like the same lad! We’ve looked at them for hours and he is certainly very similar, it’s very bizarre!”

There have been reports of married couples discovering childhood photos where their future spouse is in the background of an old family trip photo. On a planet of 6 billion people this makes me think that life is an illusion. What are the chances of any of this being real? So before I have an existential crisis, it is time to take the Break Poll!


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