“Friend” of Paul Walker Stole 30 Of His Cars The Day After He Died

On November 30th 2013, the world mourned the tragic loss of actor Paul Walker, the star of the Fast and The Furious films who died in a car crash while riding in a Porsche.

As friends, family and fans tried to deal with the loss of who by all accounts was a good and decent human being, one not so nice acquaintance took his passing as an opportunity to steal 30 of Walker’s cars the day after he died.  

A lawsuit filed this week by Paul Walker’s estate alleged that a man named Richard Taylor who was in charge of ownership and paperwork for Walker’s car collection, and some accomplices removed 30 of Walker’s vehicles from a warehouse in Valencia, California – within 24 hours of his death. In addition to the vehicles taken from the warehouse they say Taylor has registration certificates for some of the cars that he has refused to give to the estate. Damn. This sounds like a mission for Toretto & the Fast gang to get back Paul’s cars…

While Taylor sent a list of some of the car inventory to Walker’s family, he left off the list much of the cars that they knew had been taken. The suit alleges that he “intentionally and fraudulently concealed the existence and location of such vehicles…in order to wrongfully convert such vehicles for his own use or benefit.”

While Dom says “I don’t have friends, I got family” – hopefully Walker’s family is able to get some swift justice from this “friend.”

Break Question of The Day: What do you think should happen to the guy who stole Paul Walker’s cars the day after he died?

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Source: Yahoo