Check Out The New Movies Break Is Streaming For Free In November

Every month, we here at Break pride ourselves on our pretty rad collection of free movies you can stream either at home or at work (because really, you’d rather be watching movies than working anyway). So here are the newest movies now streaming on Break for the month of November. And don’t forget to check out the other selections on our Break Movies page!


[[contentId: 2957352| | size: 100]]

Synopsis: Former bowling champ finds young protege among the Amish, takes him to a tournament in Reno to exact revenge on an old rival.


[[contentId: 2957355| | size: 100]]

An American rock star is lured into an insidious plot to reunite East and West Germany under East German rule.


[[contentId: 2957354| | size: 100]]

In an Oscar-winning role, Jody Foster portrays a free-spirited young waitress who wages personal battles against social prejudice after she is brutally raped. Based on the precedent-setting New Bedford, Massachusetts trial.


[[contentId: 2863210| | size: 100]]

An obese attorney accidentally runs down and kills an old gypsy woman. After her ancient father puts a curse on him, he starts losing weight, and cannot stop. Based on the Stephen King novel, written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman.


[[contentId: 2957349| | size: 100]]

In a late 1950’s beach town, food changes everything as two battling brothers turn their Italian restaurant, their lives and loves, upside down when jazz great Louis Prima comes to dinner.


[[contentId: 2816034| | size: 100]]

1,000 years ago, the cherubic devil known as Santa lost a bet with an angel that forced him to play nice for an entire millennium. He paid up and spread Christmas cheer for all those centuries, but the bet has been paid, and now Santa wants to slay.

This was just a few of our newest favorites, but be sure to check out Break’s Movies page for the full list of free streaming movies on our site!

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