These Russian Online Dating Pics Will Make You Drink Vodka From The Bottle

hate you

Tired of Tinder? Over Ok Cupid? Maxed out on Whatever you may feel about American dating sites, they are a veritable bastion of tact and good taste compared to some of what we’ve found floating around on Putin, although that might be a decent idea.)


A girl posed next to a giant fish a fetish of yours? Check out this honey.


Perhaps big teeth, a white rose and wielding an ax is more your cup of tea (or borscht)?


Down with gingers with cleavage, tossing in a fondness for red wine and eating chicken with a porno face? You’ve met your match with this babushka.


Like your women clean? Well, she might not be super clean but she’s certainly dry. Hopefully her sense of humor is as well.


Then again, Russian men are hardly the greatest catch out there. Check out some of the competition for those would-be Moscow Mules.

small fish

If a man shooting a tiny fish isn’t enough for some women, perhaps a giant fur coat and red sneakers will do the trick.

fur coat

Nothing says “I want to ram it in you” quite like a picture of a dude with his ram. Subtle he’s not.


Then again, this dude might do pretty well with women who are into pleasant country scenery, cheap wine, lots of doors open on a car and extreme flexibility.


Who could resist this semi-ninja? He seems to be training for the national racquetball and competitive eating team simultaneously.


But then again maybe we’ve been doing it wrong all along and that’s why most Americans are still single. I think it’s time to switch it up and get weird with our profile pics. It’s not like you’re really dating any winners anyway.

Source: Mirror