Frat That Inspired “Animal House” Will Be Shut Down After Branding New Members

It’s now official; Ivy league school Dartmouth College has rejected an appeal by Alpha Delta, the fraternity which inspired the classic film National Lampoon’s Animal House, to remain on campus.

Alpha Delta in better days: Fat, Drunk and.. probably smart, they got into Dartmouth

The frat was accused of branding new members which led to the its withdrawal as a recognized student organization. And by members, I mean they took a hot branding iron and burned their Greek letters into members’ asses.   

It would look something like this, yay!

Jesus Christ, you guys! What happened to having food fights and popping mashed potato zits? Alpha Delta in a seeming attempt to live up to its Animal House reputation had been disciplined numerous times for hazing, serving booze to underage kids, and hosting “unregistered parties” was already under suspension when they decided to start branding new recruits like they were human cattle.

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This example of human branding makes it look fun. DIY kit available?

This may have been a personal choice on the part of the members, 17 of whom reportedly got branded. However the school was notified when one new member was admitted to the hospital last year after being branded in a pledging ritual and his skin became infected and started to PUS.

So while the branding was not mandatory, pledges would have to do a lot more horrible hazing type stuff to avoid the branding. A lawyer for Alpha Delta said the branding was never a condition of membership.

Dartmouth has a legendary Greek system that has been documented to go well beyond the traditional fraternity culture you might be picturing and into the realm of Scientology style- cult level status. The frats were the most powerful groups on campus and one did not simply ridicule or mess with them.

They might do something horrible like smash your guitar or watch a girl change her clothes.

That was until this year when university officials finally cracked down on the fraternities’ power structure, instituting new policies such as banning hard alcohol and pledging itself in a program called “Moving Dartmouth Forward.”

While that sucks for the college students there who just wanted to have a few beers, and go to normal college parties while not getting into the Eyes Wide Shut stuff, we can all smile knowing that a bunch of frat bros permanently scarred their bodies with the letters of a fraternity that no longer exists. Alpha Delta!!!

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