Actor Sues The Simpsons For $285 Million

The Simpsons is the longest running cartoon/sitcom/TV show on television and has been a staple of viewing since it debuted back in 1803.  Hundreds of celebrity guests have appeared on the show, and numerous characters, such as Ranier Wolfcastle, are clearly based on actual people.  The show, being a cartoon, does this for satirical reasons and everyone on earth gets that.  Everyone except Frank Sivero.

You remember Frank Sivero, right?  When you think of Hollywood big shots he’s probably up there with Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino and Christian Bale in your mind, right?  Yeah.  But for those who live under a rock, Frank Sivero played Fingers on an episode of Mr. Belvedere, and Chu in the Burt Reynolds opus “Cop and a Half.”  And yes, he also played Frankie Carbone in Goodfellas, a character that he believes is the basis for the Simpsons’ character Louie, a member of Fat Tony’s mafia.

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Next lawsuit is against Bill Cosby for stealing his idea of being on TV with a black kid.

Dan Castellaneta, who does the voice for Louie, has stated in the past that he actually modelled the character on Joe Pesci, at least in so far as he sounds, so we’re left with a cartoon image that does bear a resemblance to Sivero from Goodfellas.  Except that in the commentary for the Season 3 DVD of the Simpsons, the crew say Louie was modelled to look like Joe Pesci too and, if you took either Sivero or Pesci and Simpsonized them based on their appearances in that film, you’d get Louie since they’re both Italian guys with stupid haircuts in the movie.  That, plus the clearly Pesci-inspired voice kind of make it seem like maybe they absolutely based this character on Joe Pesci and not Frank Sivero.  Plus, let’s be honest, you could retell pretty much the entire movie Goodfellas and leave the character of Frankie Carbone out.  You can’t leave Tommy DeVito out.

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He doesn’t even get credit on the box for this. Darryl Hannah does.

Despite the fact that the crew claimed years ago to have based the character on Pesci, and despite the fact he was introduced in an episode actually written before but that premiered after the release of Goodfellas, Sivero still thinks it’s him.  See, he claims to have lived next to some Simpson’s writers back when he was filming Goodfellas, and they knew he was working on the character and they saw each other every day.  So, clearly, 24 years later he has to sue them for $285 million and not just because he’s gone from co-starring in Martin Scorsese films to having last made a made for TV movies about sharks 6 years ago.  No, that has nothing to do with it.  This is all principle, probably.